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Pets of the month


Meet our January pets of the month; Waldo, Blue and Patch.

Get to know all about their favourite activities, toys, treats and special talents below.

For the chance to have your furry friend featured next month, submit a photo and their information HERE.

Waldo the Great Dane Cross

Waldo is a 6-month-old rescue pup who loves digging up the garden and saying hello to the neighbourhood cats. Eager for affectionate pats from anyone he encounters, Waldo always waits patiently for them to oblige.

Favourite activities: Waldo enjoys laying in the sun, playing in his sand pit and running through water fountains.

Favourite toy: His pink baby blanket that he likes to suck on.

Favourite treat: Waldo loves raw broccoli.

Special talent: Waldo can stand on the back of both of your thongs or shoes while you walk.

Blue the Red Fox Labrador

With a zest for fun and an out-of-the-box mindset, Blue adores anyone who is willing to give her a pat; her tail wagging so hard that her bum must go along for the ride. In true Labrador fashion, Blue can eat her way through a wall in under an hour.

Favourite activities: Blue enjoys going on walks, swimming, eating everything in sight, and quality time spent with her fur family.

Favourite toy: Rope toys are a must-have.

Favourite treat: Anything edible (sometimes not).

Special talent: Blue’s true talent lies in the art of demolition.

Patch the Cavajack

Patch is a super friendly boy who loves nothing more than receiving a pat from a stranger. Patch loves his human sisters, Annabel and Monty, and patiently waits for them to get home from school every day so that they can play with him.

Favourite activities: Patch loves going on walks, gets very excited when playing a game of fetch, and adores his baths.

Favourite toy: Besides his ball, Patch loves the Nerf rings that he swings around and plays tug of war with.

Favourite treat: Patch loves chicken nuggets from McDonalds.

Special talent: Patch is a very intuitive doggo who knows exactly how to cheer you up when you are feeling down.

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