From the editor: stop, recharge, and go again


Like many of you, I’ve been very stressed of late as I try and juggle the whole work-life balance.

The weekend provided some much-needed downtime, with time spent in the kitchen using the slow cooker and throwing a zucchini slice in the oven.

It was also a chance to take a break with my partner and the kids to do simple things like watch Captain Underpants, play Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation, and go for a quick trip out to Morpeth.

Apart from having a King Charles Cavalier called Blossom snoring in my ear all night and being woken up at 5am on Sunday, it was just what I needed and helped put almost everything else on hold.

It goes without saying that, during these challenging times, we stop, enjoy what is most important to us, and then go again.

And, if you do need to speak to someone, please make sure that you reach out to either your family, friends, or valuable organisations like Lifeline (13 11 14).

This week’s cover tells the inspirational story of Kristina Bircsak, who, after a battle with cancer, will go for her black belt in karate later this year.

Just a reminder that, unfortunately, the TV Guide will not be reappearing for a little while due to the impact of COVID-19 (a longer explanation has been provided in previous columns).