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Cheers to Sleapy’s Foundation Charity Lager


Sleapy’s Foundation is toasting further success following a collaboration with Good Folk Brewing Co, which will boost the charity’s coffers.

The Newcastle-based venture – that gives compassion, generosity and humanity back to the local community – has partnered with the Hamilton brewery to help more people in need.

And, the result of the alliance is a new beer, Sleapy’s Foundation Charity Lager.

Even better, 15% of all sales will return to the organisation.

“I’m delighted we’re launching this [today],” co-founder Peter Sleap said.

“It’s great for several reasons.

“Sleapy’s Foundation is a multi-faceted charity, we’re unlike anyone… but our main point of difference is we are there to care for all – no matter what cancer, illness or age you are.

“So, this is great exposure for us moving forward.

“The more people we can get to – whatever audience it is, young, old or in between – everything just elevates.

“That’s when the donations start to roll in, too.

“To receive 15% [from the sales] is an incredible gesture from Good Folk Brewing Co.

“Let me tell you, it’s hard to be a charity.

“You’re always looking for avenues to raise money.

“What can you do?

“When this idea first originated, I thought it was a joke.

“However, it’s become a reality, which is fantastic.

“To be honest, it is pretty exciting for myself, my wife Robynn and David Fleming, who’ve been there with me from the start.”

Sleap was quick to praise those behind the concept… and Good Folk Brewing Co.

“We were approached just after Sleapy’s Day, with someone asking ‘why don’t we do a beer?’ he said.

“Like I mentioned, I thought it was a joke but Phil Elsley, one of the owners of the brewery, contacted my in-laws.

“He indicated they wanted to get on board and do something for the foundation.

“From there, it was all ‘how about we get a beer and start donating the profits?’

“How could you knock that back?

“As for the final product, it tastes sensational.

“I really like the beer and I’m not just saying that because it’s for Sleapy’s Foundation.

“But, it’s 4%, it really goes down well, it’s very enjoyable.

“Plus, it is a lager, which is good.

“It’ll be available from wherever Good Folk’s product is sold and they’ll put it on their website.

At the end of the day, it would be sensational to involve all the teams in some capacity on Sleapy’s Day.

Peter Sleap

“We’re also negotiating with Souths Merewether to put it on tap there.

“We’ll speak to other places who are interested, too.”

The unveiling of the brew caps off a busy period for Sleapy’s Foundation.

Just recently, they’ve signed a media partnership with the Newcastle Weekly and become a charity partner with the Newcastle Knights, while Sleapy’s Day will be a stand-alone weekend on the Tooheys Newcastle Rugby League (Real NRL) calendar.

“We’re very fortunate to receive all the support we do,” he said.

“The deal with the Knights, with my football background, certainly aligns.

“And, it’s been a natural progression.

“Sleapy’s Day began with my local club South Newcastle Lions, then it came through the Real NRL and we’re now stepping up with the Knights.

“I know they’re tightly-knitted with the Mark Hughes Foundation.

“However, we’re not taking Newcastle away from that… we’re just one day of the year.

“Again, it goes back to exposure.

“More for the foundation is a good thing.

“Hopefully, we can organise something a couple of weeks before Sleapy’s Day, so that will lead into the big event at Townson Oval.

“In regards to the stand-alone weekend, I believe it’s long overdue.

“It is as big as a grand final.

“People who’ve attended Sleapy’s Day understand that.

“They know it’s just not a football game, it’s for charity.

“We had to open the whole field this season, so it’s only going to get bigger next year.

“I’m also aware other clubs would love to come along… now, there’s no excuse.

“At the end of the day, it would be sensational to involve all the teams in some capacity.

“I am certain each of them has a local charity they’re attached to; maybe, we can become united on that front.

“Not only raise funds for Sleapy’s Foundation but all other charities that are doing it tough out there.

“Take a look at Maitland in 2023, the Pickers were fantastic.

“They really embraced Sleapy’s Day and even designed special jerseys for the occasion.

“Although they beat us on the field, the result was inconsequential to what the event was about.”

Cans or cartons of Sleapy’s Foundation Charity Lager are available to purchase from Good Folk Brewing Co from today.

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