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Judy Sharpe


Judy Sharpe

Lavender’s favourite time of year

Started sneezing yet? I have. Spring has sprung and the days are windy, blowing pollen around. I begin sneezing instantly when I walk into the courtyard at...

Great time to plant your veggie garden

Spring is a great time to plant a vegetable garden. Dig in cow manure and an all-purpose plant food and wait a week before planting some of...

Burst of colour after cold, wet winter

I can’t resist writing a little prematurely about spring as I noticed this morning my cream clivias are all budding and ready to burst open into ­flower.

Time to reflect as spring draws near

There’s only 11 days left until spring. Before winter is over, re­flect on your garden and consider what could be planted to improve the garden’s structure.

How to combat common lawn problems

Substituting for my son, Scott, on gardening talkback (2NURFM) this week, I had many callers with lawn problems. This is often the case when army grub attacks...

Rise in demand for native plants

Modern garden designs tend to focus on garden walls, cactus and succulent designs but, at this time of year, the requests for native plants become more prevalent as many are...

Spring promises a burst of colour

Okay readers, I am a little early to write the August job column, but the arrival of August means spring is only four weeks away and, this year, after cold...

The fruits of your labour

My first July column this month touched on pruning. I covered roses, hydrangeas and some ornamentals, but there are many other plants that require care at this time of year.

Times have certainly changed, but citrus trees are adaptable

It was great back when there were large gardens, with rotary clothes lines and a giant lemon tree. Well, times have certainly changed, and citrus trees have...

Give wattle the status it deserves

Have you noticed driving along roads bordered by bushland there are trees covered in bright yellow balls? I am surprised each year when this beautiful native begins...

Hold back the chainsaw during pruning

July takes us into the depth of winter – a time when we are encouraged to stay inside where it is warm, avoiding the cold westerly winds.

It’s a bug’s life during winter

Each year during winter I am surprised how many bugs decide to visit, many of which may have been hiding and are now exposed as trees defoliate, exposing underplanting.No doubt, as...