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Judy Sharpe

Judy Sharpe

Keep potted plants in mind when preparing to travel

Judy Sharpe: My first column of December will be decidedly different than most – normally, I am handing out hints for watering, not this year.

Maybe a little common-sense and care is required

This week Judy Sharpe shares 10 hints to help keep violets alive.

Things to remember when planting trees

Gardening columnist Judy Sharpe shares a number of things to remember when planting trees.

Follow a few basic hints to care for your phalaenopsis orchids

Phalaenopsis or commonly known as Moth Orchid is one of the easiest orchids to grow indoors.

Hop into the garden: Judy Sharpe

An early Easter is ideal for gardening as the perfect weather, following a good soaking of rain, gives gardeners enthusiasm to dig and plant. Prepare garden beds for winter flowers and vegetables by...

Judy Sharpe: Give citrus plenty of TLC

As I write this column, it is the first day of autumn and quite summery. So much for a change in seasons. I took Arthur – my new puppy – for time...

Countless choices for your veggie patch

Spring is settling a little, which is ideal for summer vegetable crops. The choices are countless – your veggie patch probably won’t be big enough to grow all the delicious fruits and vegetables...

Choice of lavender can be confusing

Lavender is one of the most sought-after plants at this time of year – they perfume the spring air, highlighting the strongly perfumed roses and gardenias. It may be beautiful and highly...

Trees in time for Christmas

Well, here we are in the middle of spring and we’ve had a little rain, whetting gardeners’ appetites to plant. The request I receive the most at this time of year, with summer...

How to care for African violets

Readers will probably agree with me in this situation: two of the most difficult plants to purchase in flower and keep them looking great are African violets and fuchsias. These two beautiful flowering...

Buzz around organic gardening

Gardening organically has become popular, but how many gardeners truly understand this method of cultivation? I’m often asked which plant to grow to keep away whatever pest, but this kind of garden practice...

Seedling growers’ new flowers and veggies

Every year, seedling growers introduce new ­flowers and vegetables for spring. This year, Oasis has updated its range to correlate different varieties into different size punnets. For example: ‘Flower Boutique’ includes African Daisies,...
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