Seedling growers’ new flowers and veggies


Every year, seedling growers introduce new ­flowers and vegetables for spring. This year, Oasis has updated its range to correlate different varieties into different size punnets.

For example: ‘Flower Boutique’ includes African Daisies, Begonia Chocolate Mix, and Green Leaf Mix.I love the perennials in this range, like the Cosmos Compact, Gazania Sunseeker Mix, and Gazania Sunseeker Rose. They give continued foliage and ­ flowering and are great for both pots and coastal planting.

One of my favourites, which can be grown all year round and ­flowers for months, is the very vibrant Lobelia Crystal Palace.

Then there are ‘Flowers to Go’ which are four packs – the Madeira Double White is very good value. These daisies will grow into a lovely bush that is covered in white flowers throughout spring and summer.

The spreading petunias also come in packs of four in many colours including bright pink, coral morn, red, white, blue, and even yellow.

It’s great to see impatiens back online, found under Ezi Planter Flowers. The Ezi Planters also include vegetables, Asian Lettuce Mix, Lettuce Bistro Blend, Lettuce Multi Cut, Parsley Mix, and Stir Fry Veggies.

This is a great introduction – if you only have pots or a small space, try K Veg in 100m pots, which include beetroot, capsicums, chillies, tomato grosse lisse, Roma tomatoes, and Zucchini Blackjack.

Home Harvest’s presentation includes capsicum, chilis, strawberries, and too many tomatoes to choose from – Boss, Large Fruit Russ, Nonna Italian, Pink Pearl, Tomato Sauce Maker, and Truss Plum. Not to be left out are the 100m Grafted Tomatoes.

Last, but not least, everyone’s favourites – Herbs in 100m. Most popular at this time of year being Basil Sweet, Coriander, and Parsley, both Curly and Italian.

If not available in a small pot, look out for Zest Herbs in 200m where you will find Mint Common, Sage and Garden Thyme. Mind boggling isn’t it? Just imagine when we nurserymen do the orders each week.


  • Check new growth on roses – aphids love the soft shoots.
  • When spring bulbs die down, don’t cut off yellow leaves – let the bulbs die down naturally to make protein storage for next season.
  • Houseplant lovers: remember to begin to fertilise and increase watering in hot weather.
  • Plants being grown outside in containers will be looking for a daily drink.

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