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Friday, December 4, 2020

Countless choices for your veggie patch

Spring is settling a little, which is ideal for summer vegetable crops.

The choices are countless – your veggie patch probably won’t be big enough to grow all the delicious fruits and vegetables available.

If you are ready to plant, that is you have prepared the bed with cow manure at least one week before planting, be sure to have stakes at hand for the tomatoes, which will be dug in before planting.

Have tripods ready if planting beans or snow peas and Flourish for tomatoes and vegetables to apply weekly.

If planting in containers use Martins Tomato and Vegetable Potting Mix (you won’t need cow manure).

Fruit flies in tomatoes are a little difficult to avoid as products to prevent them are no longer marketable to the home gardener, however, there are solutions.

Hang fruit fly traps before they start to ripen, together with an application of paintable Vegemite Countless choices for your veggie patchmixed with Malathion – there are no particular quantities as the female is attracted to the Vegemite and the Malathion will kill her.

Growing vegetables is a fun family thing.

Kids love watching the seeds sprout; especially easy ones to grow are carrots.

Not so many years ago, the only lettuce choice at this time of year was Imperial. It’s now difficult to decide between green or red mignonette or cos. The lettuce combos are ideal – large punnets offer at least four choices.

Add in some rocket, which is easy to grow, and you will have the ultimate salad.

I have noticed that chilli seems to now be preferred to capsicum – both of which are available in many choices.

Watering regularly and full sun is ideal for the above crops. It will help production to add a side dressing of blood and bone.


  • Keep an eye on mangoes for black spots, which can be anthracnose and should be sprayed with copper oxychloride.
  • Passionfruit should be well mulched to avoid fruit drop.
  • Well, I now have a very small puppy, Arthur, and understand why I get so many enquiries about which indoors plants they can’t eat. I have taken the easy way out and put them all up high out of his reach.