Young author published


Morpeth Public School student Maggie Carpenter has become a published author.

She wrote and illustrated a book called Pigs in the Crops, in which local farmers share a story about their brush with feral pigs, explaining why they have such tall, strong fences.

Maggie’s class, Year 4/5I, participated in the federal government-funded City Livin’ Ferals Enviro-Stories program, through which students learned about their area and the impact of feral animals, and passed on their knowledge through storytelling.

Hunter Local Land Services’ Jane Lloyd-Jones and Nicole Schembri, from the Department of Primary Industries, joined forces to bring the program to the school to teach students about the fight against feral pigs, cats, deer, rabbits, dogs and foxes.

After completing a workshop, students were equipped with the tools to research, write and illustrate a story about feral animals.

All of Maggie’s classmates took part and produced a diverse array of books.

So much so, that their teacher, Tom Irwin, faced a tough decision to choose the winner.

Mr Irwin spoke highly of Maggie’s book, commending her consistent effort.

Printed copies of Pigs in the Crops will be distributed throughout the community as well as being available online, alongside the other City Livin’ Ferals books in the Enviro-Stories Library, at

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