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Winter solutions


June represents little growth in the garden, but it is quite surprising the problems that do appear, which mainly occur as a result of weather conditions.

After a long wait for rain, it finally happened; and this in itself can cause moss on pavers and driveways and fungal problems may need attention.

The best solution I have found for mossy, slippery areas is to apply Wet and Forget, which has many uses. I like it because when my driveway, which slopes, is sprayed, I don’t seem to get any plants damaged as with some products.

Keep an eye out for powdery mildew, which attacks roses and hydrangea and can be treated with copper oxychloride.

This product can also be used on frangipani rust, which is found under the leaves. Most importantly, clean up the fallen leaves and dispose of them so the spores aren’t left in the soil for the new spring growth.

Clay can be a real problem with continuous winter rains.

There are several options to overcome clay, which dries out during summer and holds water during wet periods. Dig over obvious clay areas, working in manure, compost and gypsum, then backfill with good soil.  If you are time-poor, try using a liquid clay breaker, which is watered into the soil – I have found this to be an easy, but successful method of breaking up the clay.

This week

  • Roses will become available for planting. If the soil hasn’t been prepared, use a good planting mix, but don’t fertilise.
  • Deciduous trees will soon be available. Prepare soil with a good planting mix and manure several weeks before planting.
  • Spray deciduous fruit trees with copper oxychloride.

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