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WIN: Ninja Parc secrets revealed, test your skills with a free family pass

With Ninja Warrior returning to TV screens this Sunday, we thought it would be the perfect time to ask the founder of Ninja Parc indoor course, John Pirlo, for tips on mastering fan favourite obstacles. 

Pirlo, who is local to Newcastle, has been an advocate for healthy living and keeping kids active for more than 20 years. 

Ninja Parc is a concept he created in 2016 to help keep activity fun and engaging. 

Australia now boasts three centres, including the original gym in Cooks Hill.

Here are John’s top tips on how to tackle Ninja Parc’s most popular obstacles:

Warped Wall 

Everyone loves the Warped Wall, but it is also the obstacle that often leaves people feeling quite disappointed. It is slanted, it is steep and sadly it is often the last obstacle so it can really make or break and run. So how do you master it?

– Get as big a run up as you can and make sure you run fast, you want to generate a lot of speed to get you to the top

– Once your feet hit the wall, push through the balls of your feet. This will help you generate height

– Don’t lean your body into the wall, keep it upright or you will weigh yourself down

– On your last step, reach up high and grab the top. Push off the wall with your feet and lift yourself up over the edge 

Floating doors  

Imagine your household door being suspended from the ground. Your goal is to move from door to door without slipping off the side. It is a very unique obstacle and also a very challenging one 

– One you are on the first door, press the base of both of your feet together and squeeze the door between them

– Before moving onto the next door, make sure you have a tight grip on both doors before you transfer your feet, dont bring your hands across until you have a tight grip with your feet

Rope climb 

There are lots of rope climb options at Ninja Parc, from horizontal ropes to Cargo Nets. The beauty of ropes is that they are very unstable which make them great for building core strength as well as sheer will and resilience.  

– Step one is to start seated and practise climbing while keeping your feet on the ground. This will help you get used to the unstable nature of the rope and start to build your upper body strength. Going from zero to a full rope climb will be way too hard for most people

– Once you are comfortable with that, you may be ready to learn how to wrap your feet.  You want one foot on top of the rope and one underneath whilst pressing them together. This will help to lighten the load on your upper body and allow you to use your legs in the climb 

Sea of Poles 

What is it? Imagine a bunch of suspended poles that you need to grip onto in order to cross the section of the course. Your feet can’t touch the ground, you just need to go from pole to pole. The issue with this obstacle is that people can’t hold their weight that high for long, so as you move you may find yourself slipping to the bottom of the pole. With that in mind

– Start your hand grip as high as possible up the pole.

– try to keep 2-3 points of contact at all times be it your hands, thighs, legs or feet.

Ninja Parc will also be hosting a School Holiday Program on weekdays from June 28-July 9, the program runs from 9am-12noon and is fully supervised.


Newcastle Weekly has one family pass to Ninja Parc Newcastle to give away.

To enter, email [email protected] with ‘Ninja Parc’ in the subject field. Tell us your name, full contact details and why you want this prize. Entries close at 9am on Monday 28 June 2021 and winners drawn same day. One entry per person.

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