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Where creativity transforms workspaces, unveiling INNX


What strikes you most when you first arrive at the entrance to Newcastle’s INNX is the modernist, abstract art that colours its exterior.  

Soft mauves and blush pinks, sit comfortably alongside strong black lines and shapes of watermelon red.  

It’s not the usual facade that greets visitors at an inner-city business, but then this is not a “usual” address.  

INNX is a co-working space located at the fashionable end of Parry Street in Newcastle West. 

Much like the various shapes and colours on its exterior, the uber-cool building offers an impressive selection of one-of-a-kind, rentable spaces for workers to connect, create, and collaborate.   

The building, a fusion of two former warehouses, underwent a two-year transformation to embody its current form.

Reflecting the unconventional worldview of co-founder brothers Luke and Shane Burrell, the structure boasts a variety of shapes and sizes in its walls, posts, and support beams – a deliberate choice that adds to its uniqueness and charm.

“The materials and shapes of our spaces were intentionally designed to maximise connection and the feeling of community, while maintaining the privacy and focus.

“Massive amounts of natural light and no box-shaped rooms,” says Luke.

“That’s what we wanted, and it’s what makes INNX a really unique space, but it was a challenge.”

“The spirit of bravery, courage and adventure is woven into this place, and I think that’s also something that’s special and unique, people feel it when they come in,” adds Shane.

INNX is no doubt the result of a childhood spent believing all things were possible.

The product of creative and community-focused parents, the pair learned to trust their instincts, finding joy in creating spaces where people could gather.

“We want INNX to be a place where life meets work, not the other way around,” says Shane.

The purpose-built industrial modern mammoth has been connecting like-minded forward-thinkers sine 2014.

Freelancers, sole traders, artists and entrepreneurs are just a few of the job titles finding a home base within the increasingly popular address.

More than just a place to work – it’s a community.

For S&M Productions owner Matt McLaren, who began renting a recording studio within INNX in 2016, the space has become a home away from home.

“What drew me to the space was that it was very much collaborative, which wasn’t really a thing back then,” he says.

“It was this focus on creativity and bringing businesses together and the collaborative power that that can bring.

“It’s a beautiful space, ahead of its time.”

As his business has grown, so too has his footprint at the address, thanks to a vibe he describes as invaluable.

“Even if you’ve had a rough morning, you walk in here and it’s calm and everyone’s doing cool stuff and there’s cool music playing, it’s a great atmosphere, and there’s enough creative energy to get you back in the room.

“It definitely ticks all the boxes for me.”

Innovation through connection

Creative energy is something Luke and Shane Burrell are proud to have brought to the unique address.

“Community and connection are at the centre of everything that we’re doing here,” says Luke.

“From the design of the building to the big thinking ideas that are paying it forward.”

While traditional co-working spaces are crammed with desks, INNX deliberately offers a variety of private office spaces, large and small meeting booths, a cinema, a boardroom, hot desks, and more.

“Looking forward, our vision extends beyond just providing spaces. Our hope is to empower individuals to succeed, evoke the entrepreneurial spirit and grow a culture of courage.”

The business, they say, has been designed to be a tool to allow good things to flourish.

Since it’s opening a decade ago, INNX played host to numerous local and international projects, fundraisers, creative launches and gatherings.

It also served as a safe space during COVID lockdowns and other occasions, offering the community a refuge from the uncertainty outside its walls.

“It’s part of our ethos, to think bigger and contribute to the community.”

The future holds exciting prospects for INNX.

With the Burrell brothers at the helm, the creative juices continue to flow, promising even more innovative ventures on the horizon.

“Don’t be shy to head over and say hello. Learn more about INNX at innx.com.au or try a hot desk for a day to catch the spirit of the place.”

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