Wheels in motion for cycling conference


An event that will showcase the city’s love of cycling will roll into town next month.

Newcastle is set to host the 20th Annual Australian Walking and Cycling Conference.

The conference will explore the potential for walking and cycling to not only provide for transport and recreation but also solutions to the challenges of liveability, health, community building, economic development, and sustainability. 

Conference Organiser and President of Newcastle Cycleways Movement, Sam Reich, said the event would attract a diverse group of attendees.

“We are proud to be hosting Australia’s best minds in transport and health in Newcastle,” he said.

“It’s ideal timing because the cities of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie are updating their Cycling Strategies, so [they] will hopefully be inspired by the conference.”

Town and country planners, transport planners, policy makers, population health experts, mobility technicians, health promotion professionals and futurists are set to be among the participants.

The Newcastle Cycleways Movement is also hoping the event will show the region’s councils what cyclers want.

The City of Newcastle recently conducted a survey of 2,383 of its residents where 77% of respondents reported that ‘more physically separated on-road lanes’ would encourage them to cycle more often.

Program Lead and Secretary Matthew Mclaughlin believes Newcastle has the potential to be a haven of walking and cycling activity.

“Places that are active [and] travel friendly have less traffic, more physical activity, and more business activity,” he said.

The conference will roll into town on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 October. Tickets are $50 each, which includes access to both days.

Visit the Walking and Cycling website for more information.