Wall Heart campaign puts smiles on dials


Bring a smile to someone’s face by creating heartfelt art during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For many people, this period has been incredibly isolating, and seniors in care have been forced to spend more time alone.

NovaCare Executive Assistant Simone Parker says the hardest part about isolation for its clients is the loneliness.

“A lot of our residents are used to going out, but they can’t do that anymore,” she says.

“Some of these people only get to see our workers and they are fearful about what is going to happen – the bad news becomes very consuming for them.”

To help combat this loneliness, the community aged care provider has launched a new initiative, Wall Heart, which calls on the community to help fill the lives of older people with love, colour and pictures.

The organisation is encouraging locals to take some time out of their day to put together art for someone in its care or for the people living around them.

“It’s a really difficult time for our seniors, so receiving something handmade gives them a little bit of surprise and delight,” Ms Parker says.

“Most of these people are alone and for them it can be tough to get through the day [and a message] could remind them of the niceness in the world.

“I think they need to remember that there are still lovely and good things happening and that they are on people’s minds and haven’t been forgotten.

“We’ve got children and families sitting at home with time to spare so why not get the paints out and put a smile on someone’s face.”

There are more than 1,500 clients at NovaCare, and Ms Parker says they are working their hardest to make their day with these messages.

To join in the initiative, send a message to someone in your life or create some art and send them to NovaCare at Wall Heart, PO Box 240, Carrington, NSW 2294.   

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