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Monday, May 17, 2021

Variety is the spice of life

They say that variety is the spice of life and, personally, I couldn’t agree more.

When we are young, variety is not a problem as we are constantly having new experiences.

As we get a little older many of us tend to get a bit set in our ways and, therefore, need to make a conscious effort to seek out new challenges in order to ward off boredom and live with passion and purpose.

One area of life where boredom can be a problem is exercise.

I am not talking about athletes looking to improve performance or bodybuilders whose main focus is aesthetics as they do require set routines and a lot of repetition.

I am talking about the average Joes and Joannes for who variety is the key.

It not only helps you build and maintain a balanced, healthy body but it also plays a big role in keeping you mentally fresh so that exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle and not just a fad or something you only do on a seasonal basis.

I personally discovered weight training about 30 years ago in my teens.

Even though I loved it from the first session I never really stuck with any gym for more than six months at a time. I continued to train but it was on and off for the next 20 years and the reason for this was boredom.

When I decided to open my own fitness studio, giving my clients variety in their routines was one of my priorities.

This month my Merewether gym celebrates its 14th anniversary and, I am proud to say, many of my clients have been training with me for more than a decade with several still with me after 14 years.

While my ego wants me to believe that my high retention rate is because I am a great trainer, I know that the style of training I offer is one of the main reasons that keeps them coming through the door.

If you are feeling a little stale with your training routine it is time to mix it up.

If you need advice on how to go about it, feel free to contact me or any other training facility in town.

If you are feeling a little stale with life but do not exercise then it is time to start.

We are very fortunate here in Newcastle as we have many wonderful facilities and trainers who can offer you the variety, and social interaction, you may be looking for. 

I have a simple philosophy with my gym.

I make my sessions enjoyable enough that my clients look forward to coming, but tough enough that they look forward to leaving.

Until next time

Health and happiness

  • This is a regular column written by health expert Stephen Smith from Merewether Fitness Studio

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