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Matt and Brett: Unpacking packing styles


There’s no doubt that everyone has their own way of packing and personal “packing hacks”.

We pack quite differently to each other so thought we would each have a go at giving you an insight on how the other one packs.

Strap yourself in (or fold or roll or whatever you do).

Brett literally puts no thought into packing. He waits until I finish before he starts, saying it’s so his clothes can complement mine, I suspect it’s because it’s easier to copy what I pack.

Brett’s “hack” is that he rolls everything, believing that this saves space (may be true if you roll very tight) but he also believes it means your clothes come out wrinkle-free.

In Brett’s case this isn’t true, clothes can’t come out wrinkle-free if they don’t go in wrinkle-free!

Brett packs for comfort which I think is great, however when he’s finished, I do open his bag and add a nice outfit for going out and a pair of shoes that aren’t Crocs.

Brett packs light which also leaves some bonus space in his bag for me.

Matt’s packing is quite an ordeal. This involves coordinating outfits which come with lots of options.

Collared shirts with matching T-shirts, styled matching shorts or pants and complementary shoes to match each outfit.

These are then spread over the bed so that an overall range of clothing options can be assembled.

Once these are approved by Matt’s holiday styling plan they are neatly folded and carefully assembled into large clip lock bags (really just large sandwich bags from the supermarket, plastic but reusable) as sets, ready for packing.

Once a few extra options are added just in case, the suitcase is now over full and overweight.

Matt then weighs the suitcase several times, removing single items until he reaches the magic luggage limit.

No matter how many times Matt packs this ritual never changes!

In the end, we’ve come to the conclusion that it actually doesn’t matter how you pack if your goal is just to have fun together on holidays.

Lean into each other’s packing style and accommodate a few quirks.

After all, anything you’ve missed can be bought along the way and passed off as a “souvenir”.

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