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Two for the price of one ‘yin and yang’ agents, an industry first


You only need to spend a few minutes in their company to appreciate the cohesion that already exists between David Phelan and Cassie Zane. 

Since joining forces, the Dalton Partners real estate agents have been making history by successfully working as a duo in what is notoriously a solo-player industry. 

By sharing the workload, they are fast becoming Newcastle’s best “two-for-one” deal. 

Dalton Partners
Dalton Partners Cassie Zane and David Phelan are bringing a fresh take on job-sharing to real estate

To his real estate experience and industry knowledge, she brings a unique fresh approach and feminine touch. 

They finish one other’s sentences, they allow one another to shine, rather than a set of competing egos, within this co-working arrangement differences complement the role. 

It’s a fresh business model, arguably the first of its kind, that really lives up to the brand’s name: “partners”. 

“When we set out on this journey, it was always the intention for Cassie to work alone,” David says.  

“Until clients began mentioning that having two different approaches handling the one sale was very appealing. 

“We realised that we’re almost a yin and a yang. 

“We were doing open houses together and the feedback was all positive, and particularly being a man and a woman. 

“I think there’s a shortcoming in having just males at an open house, and I also think there’s a shortcoming if there’s just females. 

“We’ve basically got it covered from both angles.” 

It’s a union that grew from an idea to boost his team with “good people” rather than “other agents”. 

Dalton Partners
Dalton Partners real estate agents Cassie Zane and David Phelan

David had known Cassie had the right work ethic since their paths crossed while she was working as a highly successful sports injury physiotherapist. 

“We wanted to train people the correct way because we have such a good name in the industry, we didn’t want it blemished by getting people who might cut corners or might not be as thorough as we are,” he explains. 

“We’ve always had a reputation based on honesty and ethics and we want to maintain that reputation. 

“We’d rather lose business than do it the wrong way.” 

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