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Is your rental application being ignored? Try these top tips 


Securing a place to live has been quite daunting for tenants of late.

But, the good news is the landscape is changing, and there are ways to make the process simpler, and potentially more successful.

Experienced in property management, Lisa Macklin Property operations manager Eliza Dunn shares some helpful advice. 

#1 Attend inspections.  

The good news is we’re no longer seeing 20 groups lining up at every home inspection, it’s starting to settle down a bit.

Having said that Newcastle has always been a tight market, so every little detail helps when trying to secure a place to live, including showing up at inspections.

Make sure you introduce yourself to the agent or have someone attend on your behalf.  

#2 Apply for the property as soon as possible.  

If you’re interested in the property, make sure you apply ASAP. Waiting a day or two can sometimes mean you have missed out before you have even applied. 

#3 Complete your application in full.  

Do not leave any blank fields. If you have information that does not fit neatly into the application form fields, feel free to add a cover letter to provide a clear picture regarding your circumstances.

Make sure you add any information that you think may assist your application.

Some people may complete the income section with a figure that appears minimal and then you find out they have a hobby that draws good income or have substantial savings in the bank.

Income means all your income. 

Pet resume – yes, its a thing.

#4 Include a pet resume. 

Half of all applicants in Newcastle have pets now, it doesn’t exclude your application.  

If you have pets add a bit of information about the pet in your application, such as its age, type, and name.

Some applicants have even added photos in the past so that the pet has its own resume, with details like ‘sleeps all day’ or ‘goes to Doggy daycare on Tuesdays and Thursdays’.  

#5 Let your references know. It’s important to let your references know you’ve included them in your application and that they can expect us to contact them soon.

Ask them to get back to us as quickly as possible if we miss each other.

If we have five applications in a pile and yours is still waiting for reference checks, you could miss out. 

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