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Time capsule rediscovered


Time waits for no one, that’s a fact; but neither do time capsules, it would seem.

Former St Paul’s Parents & Friends (P&F) president and secretary, Stephen Vidot and Graham Pritchard, returned to the Gateshead primary school last week to unearth a time capsule that was considered lost.

Mr Vidot and Mr Pritchard were instrumental in the time capsule’s burial in 1988.

They had intended for it to be dug up 25 years later, but the school could not find it and assumed it was stuck under a new concrete path that had since been laid.

Last year, when the two men visited the school their children have attended, to their surprise they were told it was missing.

So, on Thursday, at the school’s annual Feast Day celebrations and 31 years after the time capsule was buried, Mr Vidot and Mr Pritchard led the school to its burial site on the convent grounds.

They found it in 10 minutes.

“[In 1988] the P&F decided that these three flagpoles were a good landmark to help us identify it later,” Mr Vidot said.

Staff, students, parents and friends watched eagerly as the two men finally unearthed the time capsule, which contained copies of the Newcastle Herald and the Catholic Education Reporter, a school emblem and students’ artworks.

“It was wonderful,” Mr Pritchard said, “it brings back memories.”
“It looks as though it’s lasted fairly well for 31 years.”

Mr Pritchard added it would be great if the school buried another time capsule, but perhaps made a note of its location.

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