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Tim and Rod’s newest adventure to inspire others


Since winning The Amazing Race in 2019 Tim and Rod Sattler-Jones have been on a personal mission to inspire others.

Rather than have them running all over the world though, their latest adventure has seen the duo reflect on their lives in a new book. 

The Greatest Feeling in the World is a 288-page memoir that explores the highs and lows of what they went through “growing up gay in Newcastle”. 

Rod says it offers a raw look at what life is really like for them – on social media and reality TV everything is not as it seems. 

“We are being super vulnerable and hoping it helps other people if they’re going through the same heart aches that we did,” he said. 

It follows their lives as young kids all the way to now. 

“This is honestly the best book ever, it’s the story of our lives,” Tim said. 

“It’s about our highest of highs where the reader is going to be hysterically laughing but also our lowest of lows where it was just rock bottom and the reader is probably going to be sobbing.

“We talk about anxiety, depression, not fitting in, the pressures of being gay and what your future is going to look like – it encompasses everything which is what we are really proud of.”

Despite both being gay and growing up within the same region their experiences were incredibly different. 

Rod grew up in a Christian household while Tim was part of a classic Aussie family.  

They both say coming out was difficult, but for different reasons. 

“I was in such a Christian environment, I went to youth group, church on weekends,” Rod said.

“Everything for me was that being gay was a sin and that you’re going to go to hell and that it’s actually the devil lying to you and all this bull shit.

“I even went to a Chrisitian psychologist for them to teach me how to think so I am not attracted to boys and things like that which I talk about in the book.”

For Tim, the hardest part was feeling like he didn’t fit in. 

“I was the youngest of three boys and my family was very stereotypically Aussie,” Tim explained.

“My two older brothers were like the coolest kids in school, they were basically pro surfers and they were stars of the football team and I was the complete opposite.

“I was like this loser child who was into dancing and drama, I was just so different to any other boy I was going to school with and that was scary as a kid.

“It definitely manifested in some negative ways as I grew older and became a teenager or adult and had that feeling of not being good enough, not being worthy and being so confused about the feelings inside of me.

“Society was telling me I had to get a girlfriend and get married to a girl and have kids with a girl when I wanted to find the complete opposite.

“I was just so terrified, you honestly feel like a freak when there is no one else in your life that you can relate to or look up to.”

The husband and husband duo add they are grateful for the platform The Amazing Race gave them to help change the narrative around homosexuality. 

The Amazing Race Tim & Rod
Tim and Rod Sattler-Jones at Cockle Creek train station in Lake Macquarie after winning The Amazing Race. Photo: Peter Stoop

Growing up neither of them saw people like them on TV, which is something that could have changed their lives. 

“The whole point of everything we do in our life at the moment, from our podcast to our book, to Instagram and even our appearance on The Amazing Race is to normalise a same-sex relationship,” Rod told Newcastle Weekly.

“The pressure that the world puts on young people to come out is so unhealthy and I want the world to get to a point where people can say I’ve got a boyfriend and people don’t find it to be a huge shock. 

“You shouldn’t have to come out, people shouldn’t look sideways when Tim and I hold hands when we are at the shops but they still do, we still get filthy looks. 

“If what we do in our life can normalise it then I feel like we’ve done our job.

“We want to break down those barriers and start talking about it.”

For anyone who is struggling the advice they would offer is to speak up and have the confidence to be yourself. 

“You are never alone, you may feel like you’re alone but there is always someone around you,” Tim said.

“Just talk to someone, a problem shared is a problem halved and you’d be surprised by the amount of people who are going through the exact same thing or something similar to you.”

“I know some people can’t but even in the back of the book we wanted to do something special and if you need some help there is some information about places that provide assistance,” Rod added.

“Reach out to these organisations or if there are friends and family in your world talk to them, don’t bottle it up.”

Released on 30 November, the book is already receiving spectacular feedback.

“It’s just been amazing, in such a short amount of time there has been so much positivity out of it,” Rod said.

To purchase a copy of The Greatest Feeling in the World, click here.  

“It’s the best Chrissy present ever,” Tim exclaimed. 

“This book is for everyone, I don’t want people to think: ‘oh I am not gay so I won’t get it’.

“It is all about overcoming struggles in your life.”

To follow the boys on their journey, check out their Instagram page.

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