TIFFXO Fighter ab scorcher workout


A combo of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training) means Tiffiny Hall’s Taekwondo-inspired workouts are fun, functional, effective and provide an all-day afterburn.
Do five reps of each exercise per round, completing 15 rounds total. And don’t forget to warm up and cool down!

Kick sit ups

Lying on your back with dumbbell in your right hand, raise your arm to 90 degrees and then

come up into a sit position while leaving arm raised. Kick your left leg up to meet your weighted arm and then return to start position. Come back into a sit up with right arm raised and then come down to the left foot flat on ground (don’t kick on this one). Repeat with left arm and right leg.

Hollow hold flies

Start on your back, holding your dumbbells straight over your chest. Keep legs straight, raise them to a 45 degree-angle and keep them there. Engage your core and raise shoulders slightly, lower dumbbell down to your sides, and then raise back over your chest.

Kick throughs

Begin in plank position. Rotate your body to the left and kick your left leg all the way through. Leave your left hand on the ground and touch your toe with your right hand. Bring your hand and foot back to plank and repeat on the opposite side.

Exercise modifications

  • Push ups (this applies to all kinds of push ups)
  • Start at toe pushups, drop your knees, tuck your pelvis under and keep going.
  • Star jump
  • Step it out instead of jumping. Take the impact out and still work your core.
  • Kicking (this applies to all kinds of kicks)
  • This is an easy modification – just take the extension of the kick out of it.
  • Front kick turns into a knee crunch.
  • Roundhouse transforms into chamber and hold.
  • Sidekick turns into chamber crunch and hold.
  • Kick throughs
  • If you can’t touch your toes, just reach as close to your toe as possible. Form is more important than flexibility.

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