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Think of information as food for the mind

Columnist Todd Sergeant, a Breakfast Show host at 2NURFM (103.7) and Mentor at Mindset 180, discusses owning your mindset – and how it’s not the media’s fault.

There wouldn’t be too many of us who, at one point, didn’t want to get up and throw our TV or radio out the window or rip up the newspaper.

Throw the internet into the mix, and the frustration just grows.

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Here’s some trivia: a 2008 study showed the average American consumes 100,000 words daily and about 34 gigabytes of information.

That’s a massive amount of stuff, but how much of that information is actually helping you and making your life better?

I like to be informed and know what’s happening in the world but we live in a 15-minute news cycle with breaking news constantly appearing on our computers, tablets, phones and even watches, with pings, dings and vibrations just in case we weren’t paying attention.

I am not anti information. I need to stay in the loop not only as a broadcaster but as a coach, however, I want the right news not the “Fake News” or sensationalism wrapped up as news.

I recently had a client who felt totally unworthy and a failure and I asked her: “What is your measure for that?”

Her response was to quote social media posts of stars and influencers who were leading these amazing lives, TV shows portraying beautiful people, travelling the world undertaking the most amazing adventures all the while maintaining perfect make up and nails.

No wonder she felt her life as a successful business woman and mum equated to failure.

Think about information as food for the mind, like food is for your body. You can drive down any main road and be enticed by the bright lights of fast food restaurants offering every cuisine possible, available immediately.

Is it good for you? Generally not, but it’s tasty and quick and you didn’t need to do much to get it.

In small amounts it won’t hurt you – everything in moderation, right – but if every day your food choices involve the closest drive thru, then things are going to get out of control quickly.

But do you blame the fast food place for your weight gain? You could, but at the end of the day you know it’s you, you made the wrong decisions in the food you consumed, so why is it any different to the information you consume?

You have a choice of what you decide to let into your mind and influence your life.

You can decide to only consume information that benefits and nourishes your mind and your life. Start to take responsibility and stop blaming the media or social media, you can choose.

Put the device down or even turn it off, they still have an on and off switch.. Powerful isn’t it!

Start treating your mindset like you should treat your body, put good things into it and you will feel fit and ready to lead an amazing life.

Choose the news and information you digest. Is it serving you, helping you grow as a person, partner, family member or friend?

Treat information like fast food – the restaurant can’t force you to consume their product, it’s your choice.

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