This week, columnist Stephen Smith from Merewether Fitness Studio, discusses how our ‘wellness wheel’ does not necessarily need to be perfectly balanced.

Health is a state of mind. Wellness is a state of being.

People often think ‘wellness’ just refers to our physical health — diet, exercise, weight management, etc, but it is so much more.

‘Wellness’ is a holistic approach to living which encompasses our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

In last week’s column I mentioned the “Health and Wellness Wheel”. Using the wheel metaphor is simply a way for health professionals to illustrate how it works and the ideas behind it.

The spokes represent the dimensions that have an impact in our lives, and they all connect to the central hub, which represents us.

Like spokes on a bike wheel, each spoke plays a part in keeping the wheel functioning, but, unlike a bike wheel, our ‘wellness wheel’ does not necessarily need to be perfectly balanced.

Owner and Head Trainer at Merewether Fitness Studio, Stephen Smith.

At different stages of your life you will naturally have your own priorities and goals, along with your own views of what it means to live life to the fullest and be happy.

If you are a ‘Baby Boomer’, for example, you will have different priorities to a ‘Gen Y’ and therefore the focus will go to the relevant spokes in your wheel.

There are several versions of the wheel, but the one I like to use has eight spokes, and they are: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial and environmental.

I have come across a wheel that had 14 spokes but that’s far too many for me! I like to follow the ‘KISS’ principal in most areas of my life (Keep It Simple Stupid).

No matter what demographic you belong to, you do not want to neglect any dimension of the ‘wellness well’ completely. The idea is to find a harmonious balance that suits your values, beliefs and current life situation.

Regardless of your age, however, there is one spoke you should never ignore and that’s the physical.

I believe the physical dimension, more than any other, has the most potential to positively impact all the remaining spokes keeping our wheel running smoothly.

So, if you feel in a rut and would like to live life with a little more passion and enthusiasm, then take a look at your wheel. If it all seems too much and you are not sure where to start, I am going to give you a simple tip: start with exercise.

Until next time,

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Eleebana Shores Retirement