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The Secret Garden hits the right note


AURORA may be a name you’re unfamiliar with, but soon enough she will be a voice you cannot get enough of.

Some festival goers across the Hunter would have been lucky enough to see the Norwegian singer songwriter live at Groovin’ the Moo in Maitland last year.

“I love Australia, I really do,” she told Newcastle Weekly.

“I want to come as much as I can, I think it is so beautiful and, of course, this description does not do it justice, but it feels like the perfect mix of the whole world in one.

“It’s really grounded, and the people are really beautiful and the food is amazing but you also have the big space, the large scale of things, I just find it really beautiful, especially some of the architecture.

“I really like Australia – it’s such a friendly nation.”

AURORA’s latest project is one for all.

Her new song The Secret Garden will grace screens and enchant ears across the country when a new adaptation of the classic story hits movie theatres next Thursday 17 September.

Norwegian singer songwriter AURORA’s new song will hit theatres next week.

AURORA said it was exciting to be involved in the production.

“I actually wrote [the song] quite a long time ago, it was one of those meant to be moments where it just felt like too good of a coincidence to not merge this old song with this new remake of the movie,” she said.

“When the team behind The Secret Garden asked me to make a song for the movie, I was so happy – I find it really moving that they wanted to trust me.

“I just really want people to feel like a magical creature when they listen to it, I want them to feel like they have a secret that nobody knows, they know about magic in the world that no one else can see.

“I feel like music can have so many great purposes, it can give us a chance to cry and it gives us relief and escape, but also it can be like a weapon to handle whatever you find difficult in the world much better.

“I hope this song can provide a cloak of comfort and I hope it can make people just feel like they are being hit by something really soft and kind.

“I want to make people feel free and remind [them] of the magic that happens around us every day because it is easy to forget.”

The 23-year-old is leaving her mark on Hollywood, having sung for Disney’s Frozen 2 alongside Idina Menzel.

She is excited for people to watch the film because she thinks “it fits the new generation”.

“They kept the darkness and the sadness even though it feels like a very magical [place],” she said.

“It has the two contrasts in the atmosphere in the colours and the emphasised sadness that you see in the story and I think the actors are great – I think they did a really good job.”  

A lover of the old film and book, AURORA added the new take was just as enchanting.

The Secret Garden tells the story of Mary Lennox (Dixie Egerickx), a prickly and unloved 10-year-old girl, born in India to wealthy British parents.

When they die suddenly, she is sent back to England to live with her uncle, Archibald Craven (Academy Award and BAFTA-winner Colin Firth) at Misselthwaite Manor, under the watchful eye of Mrs. Medlock (BAFTA winner Julie Walters) and with only the household maid, Martha (Isis Davis) for company.

Mary begins to uncover family secrets, particularly after discovering her sickly cousin Colin (Edan Hayhurst), who has been shut away in a wing of the house, and through her discovery of a wondrous garden, locked away and lost within the grounds of the manor.

While searching for a stray dog that led her to the garden walls, she befriends local boy Dickon (Amir Wilson) who, through the garden’s restorative powers, helps her to fix Hector’s ailments.

Once brought together, the three children heal each other as they delve deeper into the mysteries of the garden.

Watching the film as a fan of the 1993 adaptation didn’t stop this reporter from enjoying it, though it was a little difficult to get into in the beginning.

However, all the fun ensues once Mary finds the garden.

Directed by Marc Munden, the film captures the essence of the magical story.

Each actor brought something new and different to each character. The standout, though, has to be Edan Hayhurst. He added so much to the character of Colin; he had the ability to bring me so much joy but also break my heart.

Colin Firth also provided an unexpected darkness to the film.

Verdict: The Secret Garden is a visual delight and, while it is slightly hard to follow at the start, it is well worth the watch. 3 stars.

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