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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

The best part is the hugs, say grandparents

Being a grandparent brings a lot of joy and fun into your life. 

That’s according to Robin and Elizabeth Miller who recently attended a special event at Brightwaters Christian College in Lake Macquarie.

The pair, alongside nans and pops from other families, attended the school’s Grandparents Day – an initiative that acknowledges the important role they have in their grandchild’s life. 

“It was a fantastic event, we really enjoyed it – the kids played us some music and did some dancing and singing,” 74-year-old Robin said. 

“Our grandson Noah had been looking forward to it for weeks, it was great to be able to experience it with him and his younger brother, Caleb.”

According to the school it is important to acknowledge the vital role grandparents play, not only for the contributions they make to their families but also to their communities.

Robin’s wife Elizabeth added the best part about being a grandparent was watching the children grow. 

“It’s great having quality time with them without the pressures of being their parent,” she said. 

“Since becoming grandparents we have really learnt how precious kids are.

“I think all relationships are important, I think grandparents and aunties and uncles can give parents a break and a bit of respite.

“We’re someone the parents and kids can turn to for support.”

The pair’s advice for others is to spend as much time with your family as possible. 

“Just enjoy being with them,” Robin said. 

“Take them to the park and go out and make memories.

“I love it when all five of ours are together and they play nicely, it’s lovely to watch.”

Elizabeth also believes you should make the most of the cuddles.

“The best part is the hugs and watching their personality grow,” the 70-year-old said. “I think the grandchildren enjoy having a grandparent they know loves them and can spend time with them – they have those roots.”

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