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Tania Gnecci-Ruscone: My Favourite Things


Founder of Newcastle-based custom-made fine jewellery label RUUSK.

Born in Milan, Tania moved to Australia with her family when she was a young child. 

She has since lived in Sydney, Italy, Bali and the Netherlands, before calling Newcastle home. 

Growing up in a creative and entrepreneurial home, she was taught to appreciate well-made, beautiful things from a young age. Her family home was always filled with multicultural statues, artefacts and paintings, each with a unique story to tell. 

It was while she was studying design at university that Tania became passionate about creating intimate, timeless jewellery pieces that could hold meaning and sentiment across generations. 

After years of travelling and experimenting with jewellery design, she returned to Australia and launched her fine jewellery label, RUUSK, dedicated to making each unique piece of jewellery a reflection of a person’s story.

“Being able to create pieces that help celebrate, commemorate or empower is everything I could wish for. It’s such an honour to be asked to create something so special, pieces that may be passed down through generations.

“Designing for life is my motto. It’s about striving to create meaningful pieces that withstand trends and time.”

My Home 

Last year, Nick and I bought our home in Eleebana. This was such an exciting step for us and this home already holds so many precious memories. Nick and I got married under the trees in our garden at an intimate wedding with our favourite people and I laboured in our home with our daughter Noa. 

This home is a passion project for us and Nick has developed incredible carpentry skills (he even built our whole kitchen from scratch) and really made it our own. We also love having the space to be able to host friends and family and can’t wait for many more years of love and laughter here. 

Our Wedding Rings 

It’s always such a joy and honour creating people’s wedding bands, however creating our very own definitely holds an extra special place in my heart. I love knowing that I created our most precious rings and every time I look down at my ring I’m immediately transported back to our magical day.  

My Family 

Our daughter Noa was born late last year and there’s not a day that goes by without me feeling so grateful for the opportunity to be her mum. There are definitely challenging moments and juggling work with a baby can be trying at times, but she is just such a source of joy and light in our world. Being able to start our family and our own family traditions is definitely one of the most beautiful and precious things in my life. Our dog Cosmo is also a fur ball of love and is always by our side. 



Immersing myself in different cultures and languages is so invigorating. I LOVE travelling and there are so many places on my wish list. We can’t wait to spend some time in Italy next year with Noa so she can meet more of my family and we look forward to spending some slow weeks there, embracing the people, food, colours and music.

The Ocean 

The ocean has always been my happy place and there’s nowhere that can make me feel more at peace or connected to the universe. I love sitting on the sand listening to the waves or gliding in the ocean holding my breath underwater. I’ve been lucky to have always lived near the ocean and love starting my day walking down Redhead with Nick, Noa and our dog Cosmo. 

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