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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Tag: Stroke

New drug for stroke care trialled at John Hunter

A new drug that improves blood flow to the brain is showing promise for the treatment of strokes with trials now scheduled in hospitals around the country, including Newcastle's John Hunter.

Check your pressure, advises Stroke Foundation

The Stroke Foundation is urging Hunter residents to check their blood pressure after the region recorded 194 strokes in 2020. That figure means 3217 people in the region are living with stroke. Australians keen...

Young stroke survivor’s mission to change stereotypes

Newcastle's Jannene Cunningham was just 44-years-old when she suffered a stroke. “I was at work at my desk and sent my colleague an email that didn’t make sense and she came to check...

Suzie grateful to be celebrating Stroke Week

When Aberdeen local Suzie Henry had a stroke at her daughter’s house in May last year, it had come with no warning signs. The 42-year-old was fit and healthy and had none of...

Virtual reality to become “an indispensable tool in health”

Newcastle-based movement therapist Rohan O'Reilly is revolutionising rehabilitation for stroke, brain and spinal cord injury victims. As co-founder of Australia’s first integrated virtual reality (VR) neuro rehabilitation clinic, Engage VR Rehabilitation, Mr O’Reilly...