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Tag: Spring

Spring cleaning with a purpose

As flowers bloom and temperatures soar, one thing is certain: spring has well and truly sprung in the Hunter and, with it, comes the annual spring clean. As we continue to battle a...

The amazing complexity of the gut

Despite the warmer weather, exercising more, and eating healthy food, you may still feel like something's missing, writes Stephen Smith from Merewether Fitness Studio. I just love spring. That time of year when nature...

Spring prints

With the weather warming up, why not introduce some new prints to your closet? Pfergarden Aurelia Dress Order of Style $445orderofstyle.comGemini Leopard Frame ROC Eyewear $50 City BeachTilda Tee Desert Scene...

Seedling growers’ new flowers and veggies

Every year, seedling growers introduce new ­flowers and vegetables for spring. This year, Oasis has updated its range to correlate different varieties into different size punnets. For example: ‘Flower Boutique’ includes African Daisies,...

Men urged to spring into skincare routine

Spring has well and truly sprung, with warmer weather already hitting the Hunter. This change in season marks an important time for men to wash away the stigma and reassess their skincare...

Lavender’s favourite time of year

Started sneezing yet? I have. Spring has sprung and the days are windy, blowing pollen around. I begin sneezing instantly when I walk into the courtyard at the nursery; the bees are out...

The perfect palette

Spring has officially sprung. It’s time to transition from the deep, dark palette of winters past and burst into the warmer months with a palette of pastel perfection. Shirt $129.95, WitcheryPants $169.95, WitcheryMules...

Spring clean and declutter

It wouldn’t be spring without a good clean and declutter. It’s time to freshen up and take the opportunity to do things a little differently.
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