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Jess Farchione: May you be celebrated for ‘just being you’ on Mother’s Day

As we approach Mother’s Day, I have been reflecting on a comment made by Kate, one of my best mates about me as a mum.

Jess Farchione: Nothing better than sinking your teeth into a ‘hot’ dish

My Achilles heel when it comes to this deep passion of mine is the temperature at which food is served. Food must be PIPING hot.

Jess Farchione: Sorry mum… now I understand

What is it about becoming a parent that makes you want to apologise to your own parents? Oh yeah, a little thing called GUILT!

Baby, what a dilemma for a new mum

Before I had a baby, I swear I didn’t see one parenting quote or uplifting mama meme on the internet, says Jess Farchione.

Jess Farchione: There’s an art to ordering a meal

If you asked those closest to me to describe Jess Farchione, I honestly don’t think you’d find too many who would use the term “easy-going”.

Jess Farchione: Being bored is not something I cope well with

As a lifelong sufferer of the condition (that I totally made up) called “boredom fury”, being bored is not something I cope well with.

Jess Farchione: Leave me to my blissful ignorance

In his Netflix special, British comedian James Acaster articulates an amazing piece of wisdom. Well, I think it’s amazing.

Jess Farchione: Mum’s the word for NW’s newest contributor

A big welcome to Jess Farchione, our newest Newcastle Weekly contributor.
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