Swap it, don’t chop it


Waste not, want not: Crop Swap is coming to Whitebridge every quarter.

Modelled on Lake Mac Grows – a council-supported produce swap that happens on the last Friday of every month at the Landcare centre in Teralba – Crop Swap formed in response to interest in a weekend swap on the eastern side of the lake.

It is organised by the Greater Charlestown Sustainable Neighbourhood Group with the aim of reducing food waste, encouraging local food gardening and enabling gardeners to discuss pests and problems and share solutions.

Locals can bring along excess winter vegetables and herbs in exchange for others, or, if you have nothing to swap, simply donate to OzHarvest and grab something from the table.

The neighbourhood group raised $100 for OzHarvest at its December Crop Swap.

Four quarterly, seasonal swaps are planned for this year, following a successful start-up in December.

The winter one will be held on Saturday 15 June from 9am to 11am on the grounds of Whitebridge Wellness Centre, centrally located to the neighbourhood group on Dudley Road.

The wellness centre also has a small community garden.

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