Sustainable yin and yang


Barbara Nanshe is the yin to Vanessa Day’s yang.
The two jewellery-makers share a shop space in The City Arcade on Hunter Street, Newcastle.
Their respective businesses – Barbara Nanshe Studio and Urban Smith – both focus heavily on recycled materials and sustainable practices.
Nanshe is preparing to relaunch her Little Chick pendant collection on 30 May, which is synonymous with evolution, personal change and transition.
“All of my jewellery is environmentally conscious, but Little Chick takes it that one step further to empower people to make change,” she tells Newcastle Weekly.
“This can be anything they want it to be, but I want them to realise that they don’t have to find a mountain to make it happen; they just have to look within.
“What you keep putting into your consciousness is what will come back to you.”
Personally, Little Chick has given Nanshe the motivation to be more active, such as swimming, which has inspired the new collection’s turquoise hues.
Rather symbiotically, Day is working on honing her connection to the environment, in particular the delicate understorey habitat of birds and small animals.
“I cast my jewellery from gumnuts and seeds so, in a way, I’m taking from nature but immortalising it,” Day says.
“All the silver [I use] is recycled; we both really believe in using sustainable materials and don’t like to waste anything.”
The community is welcome to attend the Little Chick relaunch.

Barbara Nanshe Studio
Ph: 0477 505 332

Urban Smith
IG: @urban_smith_ness
Ph: 0434 788 987