City of Newcastle councillors have endorsed the final draft of the Stockton Coastal Management Program 2020 (CMP).

The program will now be considered by the Minister for Local Government for review and certification assessment under the Coastal Management Act 2016

The plan determined a mass offshore marine sand nourishment campaign of 2.4 million cubic metres, followed by ongoing 10-year maintenance would provide the necessary protection for Stockton’s coastline. 

The Deputy Premier’s Taskforce and the State Government will explore all opportunities to source sand for mass offshore beach nourishment that is affordable and suitable. 

The plan also outlined an initial sand nourishment program costing $4 million, as well as essential work to address the imminent risk to community assets and private property including minimal extensions of the existing buried seawalls.   

Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said all involved had worked tirelessly to achieve the result.

“The Stockton CMP was delivered through the midst of a pandemic, with the team identified in the early stages as essential workers during COVID-19 restrictions.  

“The community and City of Newcastle staff continued to work closely together despite limitations posed by COVID-19 restrictions to deliver this well considered plan that received to full support of council.” 

Once certified, the Stockton CMP takes effect on the date it is published in the NSW Government Gazette.  

To find out more about the Stockton CMP, click here.

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