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I am a little ahead of time as spring is still three days away, but I have been tempted by the increase in temperature.

Although many of the spring flowers are still waiting to bloom, keep the tissues and antihistamines handy if the many scents spoil spring for you.

I find, as beautiful as it is, one of spring’s showy climbers, Jasminum polyanthum, probably causes more allergies than others.

Once camellias and azaleas finish blooming, they may need pruning, and definitely fertilising.

If in a pot, apply a slow-release fertiliser with a neutral pH. Ground-grown plants need an acid-loving fertiliser.

Camellias particularly like cow manure, whilst both azaleas and camellias will benefit from regular applications of a foliar fertiliser.

Spring is time to fertilise the garden; apply Flourish to annuals and spring bulbs to prolong flowering.  Other plants, such as agapanthus, hydrangea, murraya, box, and golden duranta, will also respond to feeding at this time to encourage spring growth.

Gardenias can become a problem as they set bud; they require regular watering and fertilising with cow manure if ground grown. Yellowing leaves are a sign of stress from lack of water or lack of magnesium or iron.

Potted gardenias will need a daily drink, plus a weekly application of a foliar fertiliser. Gardenias prefer rich, well drained, lime-free soil with a 6.0 pH. Lawns should have been sprayed for weeds now before the grass begins growing – use an all-purpose product safe for use on an all grasses.

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