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Spring clean and declutter


It wouldn’t be spring without a good clean and declutter. So, throw off the winter blanket and get off the couch. It’s time to freshen up, get organised, and take the opportunity to do things a little differently.

Wardrobe function

A clothing cull is a great way to start the new season. Australia’s first KonMari Method trained organising consultant and wellness coach, Sally Flower, shares her advice.

“In this current crazy world where chaos, stress and anxiety are more prevalent than ever, having a stress-free start to your day is key. An organised wardrobe helps create clarity and begins your morning with a positive attitude,” Sally says.

Maximise your closet space: Streamlining your clothes can feel like a constant battle, but when you use your space effectively it will be worth it. Before rearranging your closet, visualise the storage solutions that will fit your space.

Organise your accessories: Dedicate a compartment drawer to smaller items such as belts, ties, and scarves. For smaller spaces consider an over-the-door accessory hanger.

Sort your shoes into categories: To avoid shoes overtaking your space, divide them into three categories: everyday, weekend, and special occasion. Place the most used shoes at the top of the shoe rack for easy access.

Wipe away the winter blues with a good clean

Life was meant to be a little bit messy, but a good spring clean can feel therapeutic.

Bi-carb soda is a budget and environmentally friendly multi-purpose product and can be used to help unblock drains, remove furniture stains, and clean ovens and surfaces.

Download McKenzie’s Foods free eBook for more than 160 bi-carb soda cleaning solutions and tips: 

Indoor plants for fresh air

Once everything is cleaned and organised, the next step is to add new life into your home. Devil’s Ivy is an easy-to-grow indoor plant. While colorful and interesting, its superpower is fighting common household toxins.

For a plant-based bargain, hit up the Jungle Collective’s virtual pop-up sale on 5-6 September:

Minimise food waste

Sustainability is king, but reducing food waste can be difficult, particularly for one-person homes.  

Plastic-free advocate Lindsay Miles’ book The Less Waste No Fuss Kitchen – Simple Steps to Shop, Cook and Eat Sustainably will help you make the most of your pantry, fridge and freezer by confidently adapting recipes to include items you already have.

It will also help you buy better, by switching up your staples to reduce your carbon footprint.

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