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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Spooky spirit to drive clean-up

Planet warriors will don capes, crowns, and costumes this Saturday to help fight plastic pollution in Newcastle. 

The volunteers are set to land at Nobbys Beach to pick up rubbish for an inaugural Halloween Beach Clean-up. 

Planet Warrior Education – an organisation that brings science, sustainability, and the United Nations’ global goals to children – is behind the event.

Directors Hollie Newman and Aimee Bowman are hopeful the clean-up will raise awareness of the issue.

Hollie says participating in the event is a small action that may provoke positive change.

“One of our key messages is that size doesn’t equal importance, being small doesn’t mean your actions aren’t meaningful and that’s something we really try and get people to understand – one  person can absolutely make a difference,” she says.

Aimee adds Planet Warrior Education’s work is all about empowering young minds to help the future of the planet.

“[It] is all about empowering children and teaching them about sustainability and making better choices for the future of the planet,” she says.

“Kids are so innocent; we have such a great opportunity to have a positive impact.”

The pair’s work has seen 123 students, including some from the UK and Japan, sign up for their online education platform.

Hollie has designed a 10-module program that teaches kids all about the natural world.

“We’re bringing together kids or young minds to collaborate, be creative and ask questions in a really safe space where they feel like they can express themselves and have a positive effect on the environment,” she says.

The program provides students aged between eight and 15 with an all-inclusive learning platform that covers outer space, Earth, climate change, sharks, and more.

The pair believe it is important for children to learn about these topics.

“Our children are going to be our future leaders, change drivers, scientists, and discoverers,” Hollie says.

“If they grow up caring about the natural world and having a deeper connection to everything, the decisions they start to make later in life are going to be environmentally friendly.

“I think that is how we build a sustainable future.”

The Halloween Beach Clean-up will take place on Saturday 24 October from 10.30am.

For more information about Planet Warrior Education or the event, go to its website or Facebook page.

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