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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Someone is walking around Muswellbrook $1.1 million richer

It’s possible a Muswellbrook resident or visitor has woken up this morning and gone about their Monday as normal, without checking their Saturday Lotto ticket and discovering they’re $1.1 million richer.

The mystery NSW winner held one of the five division one winning entries in Saturday Lotto draw 4137, drawn Saturday 13 March.

Each division one winning entry scored $1,165,537.35.

The ticket is unregistered so officials from The Lott have no way of contacting the person to break the news.

Instead, they must wait for the ticketholder to come forward and claim their prize.

The winning entry was purchased at Southside Newsagency in Maitland Road, Muswellbrook.

Southside Newsagency manager Satvir Singh Cheema said he was so excited for their latest division one winner.

“It was only about six months ago that we also sold a division one winning entry and now we’ve done it again,” he exclaimed.

“It’s been such a joy sharing this news with our customers.

“This is the fourth division one winning entry we’ve sold in four years.

“Congratulations to our latest winner.

“We hope they check their ticket soon.”

The Lott spokesperson Lauren Cooney said she was eager to unite the region’s newest millionaire with their prize.

“It’s likely this winner has been going about their weekend as normal with no idea they’ve just won $1.1 million,” she added.

“We’re urging all players who purchased a Saturday Lotto ticket from Southside Newsagency to check their tickets today.

“Imagine how exciting it would be to realise you’ve just won $1.1 million.

“Your plans for the rest of the year could certainly change with those extra digits in your bank account.

“Make sure you check your ticket, which could be in your wallet, handbag, fridge door or car glovebox, because you could be the winner we are searching for.

“If you discover you are holding the winning ticket, contact The Lott on 131 868 to begin the process of claiming your prize.”

The winning numbers in Saturday Lotto draw 4137 on 15 March were 27, 17, 37, 15, 40 and 22 while the supplementary numbers were 2 and 4. 

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