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Sisters unlock the key to success with Mustard Made


It may seem like an odd statement but according to Becca Stern “lockers are addictive”. 

Originally from London, the Newcastle-based creator knows this because she’s the co-founder and creative director of Mustard Made. 

The brand designs, makes and sells lockers and it’s exceeded every expectation. 

“So I started the business with my sister Jess who lives in London,” Becca said.

“We wanted to get to spend more time together so we began talking about starting a business and I was thinking about things that I loved and I had this passion for old rusty vintage lockers.

“I had a bunch of them at home and I suggested to Jess that maybe we could create our own range of lockers and she thought it was a silly idea and that no one would ever want them so I was like leave it with me and a year later we launched our business.

“So she came around to the idea.” 

Fast forward to now and Mustard Made has five types of lockers in 10 different colours along with several other accessories on offer.

Since launching in 2018 they have sold tens of thousands of lockers. 

“It’s very much exceeded our expectations, all our two-year projections that we had made before we launched went out the window almost immediately,” Becca said.

“It’s been a pretty rapid and enjoyable growth journey for us. 

“It’s been a really big adventure doing it together and now both of our partners work for Mustard as well so it’s really very much a family business.

“And, having an extended team that also feels like part of the family has been a really beautiful thing for us as business owners.”

The 34-year-old adds she is proud to have launched in Newcastle, Australia. 

After living here for just over 10 years, Becca says the city has been incredibly supportive.  

“Newcastle is a wonderful place to raise children and it’s a place where things feel exciting and full of opportunity,” the mother of three said.

“People are really supportive of you taking risks or starting businesses and I’ve found it a really creative and encouraging community here.”

Moving forward, Becca and Jess are planning to continue expanding the company. 

The first thing on their to-do list is to grow their team, the next is to open a warehouse in the EU. 

“We’ve kind of grown pretty fast through the pandemic and feel like we’re at a point where we are ready to have more team members before we expand again,” Becca said. 

“So we just launched in the US last year and because that is really picking up we are expanding our team and kind of building some strong foundations.

“We are hoping to launch officially and set up a separate warehouse for the EU as well.

“So before we were able to ship everything from the UK to Europe but post-Brexit that’s all got a lot harder, so we’ll have four warehouses when we do that in four different locations around the world.

“It’s time to solidify our foundations before that happens and we’re also going to release some new colours and new products and kind of just add even more exciting accessories to the range.”

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