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Bullet journaling is a popular way to organise your thoughts. A bullet journal can be whatever you need it to be; a daily planner, to-do list, sketchbook, idea catcher and much more.

Capture your wild and random thoughts

Take a scribble journal and write down everything that is on your mind. This is a process of emptying out all the contents of your mind. Write down everything that comes to mind in response to each of the prompts below. However, write it down fast and then move onto the next item – don’t spend long on any item. For this exercise, you only have to list your thoughts but not look into them in any detail.

  • The things you are thinking about.
  • How you are feeling.
  • How you feel about your health and wellbeing.
  • How you feel towards your family members.
  • How you feel about your work.
  • Anything you are worried about.
  • Anything you feel dread about.
  • The things you are hoping will happen.
  • The things you are looking forward to.
  • The things you have been doing today and what you are doing tomorrow.
  • The things you ought to do but may not get ‘round to yet.
  • The things you definitely have to do.
  • The things you need to remember that you might forget.
  • Some enjoyable things you would really like to do if you had the time.
  • Some nice or positive things you would like to remember to do or think about when you get ‘round to it or when you have the time.

Now go over all of this in different colours and cross out anything that is not that important, and you can forget about. Then highlight anything that has come to light that you want to retain. Circle anything that is important that you should attend to, whether immediately or longer term. You might want to migrate these items to a different journal, when you have decided what type of journal/s you are going to keep.

This is an edited extract from The Journal Writer’s Companion by Alyss Thomas, RRP $34.99, published by Exisle Publishing. Available at and wherever good books are sold.

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