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“See something, say something,” pleads dog rescue team


Dog Rescue Newcastle staff member Jesse Reinhard has made a special new four-legged friend called Harley.

Despite his role being in marketing, Jesse and his team met the young pup earlier this month after he’d been abandoned by his owner, who was fleeing domestic violence.

The volunteer-run group was alerted about Harley’s plight via email and, by the time they visited the lonely pooch, he was scared, hungry and vocal.

Jesse says he thinks Harley is a “cattle dog, with a bit of Mastif and maybe some Staffie”. 

He also believes he is about 14-months-old.

Jesse’s first visit to the home was unsuccessful, with Harley using his voice to warn him off the property.

The second time he entered the empty property, Jesse brought help as he was accompanied by Amelia from Little Mischief K9 Training.

Gentle voices, slow movements and patience prevailed after several hours.

“I can’t blame him for being scared,” Jesse said.

“And it was clear he was definitely wary of men.

“He is only young and has not experienced the world yet, but with time, love and a few life skills, he will be fine.”

Jesse said he believed Harley had been on his own for almost two weeks, relying on a neighbour and estranged family member to feed him.

Harley is a cattle dog with “a bit of Mastif and maybe some Staffie.”

“This is the reality of what we do as an organisation,” he said.

“These situations are unfortunately not uncommon.

“Harley’s owner was already in a bad situation and it’s not for us to judge that person.

“Like all domestic violence situations, ‘If you see something, say something’.”

Visit Dog Rescue Newcastle’s website for more information about the group’s work.

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