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Friday, January 22, 2021

Secret Santa provides generous Christmas cheer

It is the ultimate “Secret Santa” concept.

A kind-hearted stranger contacts an independent toy shop before Christmas and offers to pay-off the store’s customers’ outstanding lay-bys.

You don’t believe it? Neither did Chris and Janelle Farr at first.

But, that’s the situation the owners of The Spinning Top, located at Adamstown, recently found themselves in.

“We’ve been here nine years; and haven’t witnessed anything like it,” Janelle said.

“Although I’ve heard about it before, in Queensland a week or so ago,” Chris added.

“Out of the blue, this gentleman rang up and told me what he wanted to do.

“To be honest, I was really sceptical and thought ‘we’ll see what happens’.”

However, true to his word, the good Samaritan popped into the shop a couple of days later and paid almost $3000, which equated to 12 lay-bys, including two large ones.

“He simply wanted to help a little family-run business – and spread some Christmas cheer,” Janelle said.

“The man indicated he did a number of charitable things; but didn’t seek any recognition.

“It was a great generous present.

“For us, to see the customers’ reactions, it’s a lovely feeling to be part of it.

“One woman was so overwhelmed and grateful when she’d heard what happened.

“She was in disbelief that someone could be that benevolent.

“Another cried tears of joy.

“She’d had such an awful year and was very moved by the beautiful gesture.”

Now, the Farrs have a terrific tale to tell, which is far removed from the COVID-19 laden 2020.

“With the way this year’s been, with so much bad news and uncertainty surrounding coronavirus, this man’s deed has given everyone a lovely injection of joy at the right time,” Chris said.

“It certainly has around here.

“I think many people have been trying to find that [happiness] in 2020.

“So, to be involved in something like this is really nice.

“Actually, when the man discovered someone else had done a similar act [just recently], he was a bit disappointed he didn’t think of it first,” Chris added with a laugh.

“But, we’re getting a buzz out of telling the story.”