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Rathmines resident says council needs to fix her “ugly street”


One of Elvis Presley’s greatest hits is an ode to loving where you live.

‘Home is where the heart is’ was written in 1962, and its theme still rings true today.

But what if the street you live on is the cause of much frustration?

For Rathmines resident Kris Jepsen, Northview Street has become the source of such exasperation.

Ms Jepsen contacted the Newcastle Weekly last month hoping to raise awareness about the inadequate upgrades her and her neighbours are urging Lake Macquarie City Council to stop ignoring.

“If ever the Newcastle Weekly were to feature ‘Ugly Streets Around Town’, be sure to include Northview Street, Rathmines,” Ms Jepsen said.

“[It’s] the street Lake Macquarie City Council promised to upgrade around 40 years ago, 10 years ago, and ‘soon’.

“This old street is not able or designed to accommodate cars, caravans, boats, or bikes, which nowadays are part of modern seaside living, and the result is just plain ugly.

“Not to mention the mud build-up due to a lack of adequate drainage after heavy rain.”

When contacted for a response, a spokesperson from Lake Macquarie City Council said that it had begun improvement works in Rathmines, including at Ms Jepsen’s address.

“Council completed resurfacing works on Northview Street, Rathmines in December 2018,” the spokesperson said.

“An assessment of Northview Street, Rathmines, determined that the road is currently in a good condition and the addition of kerb and channel would be beneficial at this location.

“Works have been listed for consideration; however, construction is unlikely to start within the near future due to the current allocation of funding to other competing priority areas across the city.”

In 2020-2021, the council is forecast to spend $11 million on kerb and gutter improvement projects.

“Last year, we received more than 50,000 customer service requests and we’re on track to receive even more in 2020,” a spokesperson said.

“We know that residents value our community assets and road network and understand how important it is that we maintain them.

“We carefully consider all of these customer service requests for new projects and works, but we must undertake our assessments and prioritise the work accordingly to the needs of our city.”

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