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Saturday, July 24, 2021

Prize-winning novelist to share his work

A new online event is set to bring award-winning writer Richard Flanagan to Newcastle.

The Booker Prize-winning novelist will join journalist Jennifer Byrne for a discussion about his highly anticipated new book The Living Sea of Waking Dreams.

Described as an ‘ember storm of a novel’, The Living Sea of Waking Dreams is Flanagan at his best.

Newcastle Writers Festival Director said the event should be very interesting for Novocastrians.

“It’s a shame Richard can’t return to Newcastle in person as originally planned, but any opportunity to hear him speak about his work is worth seizing,” she said.

“I’m grateful our audience is able to participate in the event and the festival will benefit from ticket sales.”

The Living Sea of Waking Dreams is a unique story.

In a world of perennial fire and growing extinctions, Anna’s aged mother is dying – if her three children would just allow it.

Condemned by their pity to living, she increasingly escapes through her hospital window into visions of horror and delight.

When Anna’s finger vanishes and a few months later her knee disappears, Anna too feels the pull of the window.

She begins to see that all around her others are similarly vanishing, but no one else notices.

All Anna can do is keep her mother alive. But the window keeps opening wider, taking Anna and the reader ever deeper into a strangely beautiful story about hope and love and orange-bellied parrots.

Set to be broadcast at 7pm next Tuesday 29 September, Flanagan and Byrne’s conversation will also be available to stream until Tuesday 13 October.

Tickets start at $15. For more information, visit the Newcastle Writers Festival website.

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