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Friday, April 23, 2021

Prime Minister launches new resources road map

Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited the Hunter today to launch a new resources road map and manufacturing initiative.

The Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing road map shows how businesses can capitalise on Australia’s access to resources, which are needed to manufacture new technologies.

Mr Morrison said the federal government was focused on continuing to rebuild and grow the economy to support jobs across Australia as it leads the world out of the global COVID-19 recession.

“Yesterday’s national accounts showed the comeback of the Australian economy is well underway and manufacturing businesses and jobs will be central to our National Economic Recovery Plan as we build back from the COVID-19 recession,” he said.

“Our $1.5 billion Modern Manufacturing Strategy is at the heart of our JobMaker plan and it’s focused on growing our entire manufacturing sector.

“[It] will help position Australia as not just a global leader in the resources sector but also in the manufacturing of the technology used, as well as turning the raw materials into value-added products.”

Mr Morrison added the funding would unlock investments to help grow the country’s manufacturing capability and competitiveness in the resources sector.

“This investment and this roadmap will support jobs across Australia, particularly in our resource rich regions like the Hunter, Western Australia and Central Queensland,” he said.

The road map also complements existing initiatives that help reduce electricity prices, boost liquid fuels security and invest in low emissions energy technology through Australia’s Technology Investment Roadmap.   

It also identifies how the government can develop its technology to maximise efficiencies in the high performing sector.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison at Quarry Mining in Beresfield.

While in town, Mr Morrison also spoke about the the allegations made against Attorney General Christian Porter.

“The third point I need to address today is the statements made by the Attorney General Christian Porter, yesterday,” he said.

“These are harrowing events and, for the family of the woman at the centre of these issues, as the Attorney General commenced his remarks yesterday, my heart can only break for anyone who has lost a child, and the issues surrounding that and the way that this matter is now being addressed in the public domain.

“Christian Porter, the Attorney General, has made it very clear in his statement yesterday that he has rejected absolutely the allegations that have been made – that is the same rejection that he made to me last week.

“There is the rule of law and the people who are competent to deal with these, to assess allegations of this nature and advise as to whether there is further action to be taken – ie, perhaps to move to try and form a brief of evidence – they didn’t form that view or, indeed, if there’s a brief of evidence prepared, that should be put to a prosecutor – it didn’t even come to that stage.

“But that is the process. And when that process runs its course, as the NSW Police has said it has, then the government must rely on the rule of law.”

Mr Morrison added he was looking forward to the Attorney General returning to his duties once his period of leave is completed.

“I spoke to the Attorney yesterday and I’m pleased that he’s taking some time to get support to deal with what has obviously been a very traumatic series of events,” he said.

“He’s getting that support, as well as the support of his colleagues, as he takes that time.”

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