Postal service cuts to hit the Hunter


According to Paterson Federal MP, Meryl Swanson, Newcastle and the Hunter is set to be hardest hit by new regulations that will let Australia Post scale back services, slash jobs and cut wages.

People in Newcastle and the Hunter already wait longer than those in cities for their mail, and changes recently announced by the Government will push those wait times out even further.

Under the Morrison government’s plan, mail delivery timeframes in the Hunter will go from as few as three business days to seven full days.

And across Australia, any areas that currently receive daily postal deliveries will be cut back to every second day.

Ms Swanson said these changes are like “going back to the old stagecoach days”.

“Australia Post is a big employer, it’s a big service provider,” Ms Swanson said during an interview at Parliament House.

“I know the ladies at our post office really well, they do a great job.

“They are working tirelessly with the big parcels that we are now all ordering online and yet this government wants to cut jobs and wants to cut services to Australia Post. 

“The post must come, the mail must be delivered and people must stay in jobs in relation to Australia Post.”

These changes are likely to leave the jobs of up to one in four posties in limbo and put many other indirect jobs at risk.

Ms Swanson added that there was no consultation on these regulations before they were announced, and there was no opportunity to examine their merits. Further, the Government has given no guarantees that the changes won’t be made permanent following the coronavirus crisis.

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