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Kalyn Ponga is confident of a Knights’ premiership – it was his motivating force for staying at Newcastle.

The 22-year-old re-signed with the Knights yesterday, which will see him call Newcastle home until 2024.

“I’m happy here and have been since day one, I want to win a competition that’s my main drive and there’s no other team I want to do that with than the knights,” Ponga told the Newcastle Weekly.

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“We know what it would mean to bring a premiership to this town and the old boys are backing us and itching for a premiership just as much as us.

“I’ve looked on YouTube at the winning parade through town and I’ve pictured myself doing that too.”

Ponga attributing his confidence to the quality of the current team and coaching staff under Adam O’Brien.

“I’m comfortable here, I get excited to play with O’Brien and as a team our combinations are getting better and I want to win a competition with the boys,” he said.

O’Brien said the signing was massive for not only himself, but the team, its sponsors, the club and the town.

“There’s young kids running around their backyards everywhere saying they’re Kalyn Ponga and that will help attract recruitment for sure,” he said.

“I know he has a thirst for getting better every day and having players of this quality here helps attract other quality players.”

The Knights face off against the Broncos tomorrow night in round six of the competition.

O’Brien said the squad will be looking to begin a bit stronger in the clash, off the back of criticism over a slow start to Saturday’s game against the Storm.

“I felt like we stood back a bit last week and it wasn’t until we got into the groove after half-time,” he said.

“The other team want to start fast and we want to start fast.

“I watched their (Broncos’) game against Manly and they got out of the blocks really well and they have a few troops coming back, so I don’t think it’s all doom and gloom as portrayed.”

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