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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Polly and Mariola make bald move for sick kids

Two women are set to make a bald move this month in a bid to raise money for the John Hunter Children’s Hospital. 

Mariola Brock and Polly Felsch, both in their 70s, are shaving their hair off to amass funds for an expensive ultrasound system, which will help treat sick children. 

Both volunteers with the John Hunter Children’s Hospital Kids Club, the pair is dedicated to helping kids and their families when they need it. 

The idea for the fundraiser came about when Mariola was thinking of ways she could lend a hand through the pandemic.

“I was sitting at home with a glass of wine and thought I haven’t been able to host the trash and treasure markets for a while, why don’t I shave my hair and raise money that way,” she said.

“Since then it’s blown out into this big thing, which is great.

“I’ve raised $2,500 and know that there are more donations to come. I would have been happy to raise $500.”

As charity vice-president Polly says, it’s all for a good cause. 

“I think volunteering is the best thing you can do,” she said.

“When you go to the hospital and see what some children have to go through at an early age, especially with cancer it is very sad.”

She adds she is very excited to shave off her hair. 

“I colour my hair once a month, so it is always a different colour and I have shaved it off before but not for a long time,” Polly said.

“My whole family is excited, my husband said I’ll still look good, they all support me with this.”

While both women are undergoing the chop, Mariola is doing something a little bit different. 

“The kids in my street will paint my head red when all my hair is gone,” she explained.

“They’re all under five and it’ll be body paint, it’ll wash off.”

All up the charity is hoping to raise $50,000 to help purchase a Canon i800 series ultrasound system, which will improve the treatment of children with chronic inflammatory bowel disease.

Recent advances in ultrasound technology mean that the intestinal ultrasound is so good that the layers of the bowel wall can be seen clearly – a trained doctor will be able to scan the entire bowel in about 15 minutes at the bedside with accurate results.

Mariola and Polly will shave their heads at the Tingara Community Heights Church (13 Neridah Road, Belmont North) on Saturday 15 May. 

Kicking off at 2pm, the community is invited to “come along”.

Paediatric gastroenterology Dr Scott Nightingale will cut the first lock of hair. 

Donations can be made at the event or via the John Hunter Children’s Hospital Kids Club website.

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