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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Podcast to spread important message

Two of Newcastle’s favourite podcasters will launch a special episode on Thursday in a bid to promote some groundbreaking research.

Oversubscribed’s Laura Jackel and Alana Nixon have partnered with Australia’s oldest and most respected breast cancer research organisation, Breast Cancer Trials (BCT), for the episode.

The duo hope their podcast will help spread the word of a new world class clinical trial.

“We are thrilled to have a part in spreading the message about this new clinical trial and also about breast cancer and the importance of breast cancer research generally,” Laura said.

“[Breast Cancer Trials] do amazing work. This new BRCA-P trial is a world first clinical trial that will hopefully save women who have the BRCA 1 gene from needing a preventative double mastectomy.

“Both of us have friends and close family members who have been affected by breast cancer and know how important it is to find research participants and raise awareness of the work that researchers do more broadly.”

Breast Cancer Trials is now recruiting for the trial, which is designed to help women with the BRCA 1 gene mutation who have an approximate 70% risk of developing breast cancer and 40% risk of developing ovarian cancer over their lifetime.

“Currently, for these women the most commonly used preventative option is the surgical removal of their breasts and/or ovaries,” Medical Oncologist and BCT media adviser Dr Nick Zdenkowski said.

“The new BRCA P clinical trial is testing whether a drug called Denosumab is effective in preventing breast cancer in women who carry this BRCA1 gene mutation.

“Breast Cancer Trials aims to recruit at least 300 women to the trial across 15 hospitals in Australia, as part of an international recruitment target of just under 3000.”

Laura added that a partnership with BCT was a good fit for their listeners.

“Breast Cancer Trials could not be more perfect for our mostly over-30 female audience,” she said.

Find out more about the BRCA-P clinical trial or BCT by visiting its website.

For more information about the podcast, or to listen to an episode, visit the Oversubscribed website.

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