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Plotting Success: From design to construction



Planning your dream outdoor space involves a few steps to avoid confusion and unnecessary expenses.

Relax, prepare right and you’ll avoid unnecessary outlays later

From design to construction, here’s what you need to know:

Firstly, ensure all necessary approvals are obtained from local authorities early in the design process to prevent delays and costly mistakes.

This process may take up to 90 days, so plan accordingly. Check if the same approval can be used for multiple stages of your project.  

Engineering drawings are essential for structural elements like retaining walls, pergolas, and decks.

Expect to pay between $2000-4000 for these drawings, depending on the complexity of the project and amount of elements needed.  

Its important to get the outdoor spaces of your home right

When it comes to construction, always hire licensed and insured professionals.

Fixed-price contracts provide clarity on costs, and if the budget is tight, consider staging the project.  

Certification is crucial for ensuring compliance.

Private certifiers offer quick service but can be expensive, ranging from $1500-3000.

Council certifiers are cheaper but may be slower and require more notice for site visits.  

Beautiful outdoor spaces can transform a house into a home

My advice: Working with a comprehensive landscape company from the outset is an absolute must.

A company that can handle design, approvals, and construction, is the best way to build something beautiful to a budget.

This approach ensures a smoother process and minimises surprises along the way.  

By following these steps and working closely with professionals, you can turn your dream outdoor space into a reality without unnecessary stress or expense!  

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