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Pets of the month


Say hello to Shelby, Smudge and Odin; our September pets of the month. Get to know all about their favourite activities, toys, treats and special talents below.

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pets of the month

Shelby the Staffy x Cattle Dog

Meet Shelby, a vibrant 3.5-year-old Staffy x Cattledog. Shelby exudes a larger-than- life personality, radiating curiosity and an unyielding eagerness to partake in every adventure her owners embark upon.

Favourite activities: Shelby loves going to the park to play with the ball. She also loves swimming at the beach.

Favourite toy: Her rope gecko holds a special place in Shelby’s heart.

Favourite treat: Shelby loves cheese.

Special talent: She has lots! But, has recently learnt to whisper.

pets of the month

Smudge the Domestic Cat

Meet Smudge, the 16-year-old domestic cat radiating charm and wisdom. Adored in her pet-loving family, Smudge shares a special bond with her companion, Crunchie. With a fabulous fluffy coat that warms hearts, Smudge becomes the go-to cuddle buddy on chilly days and nights.

Favourite activities: She loves to nestle in the garden beneath the palm leaves.

Favourite toy: Smudge is not really into toys in her old age, but does enjoy a game of chase with her brother Crunchie.

Favourite treat: Chicken for sure!

Special talent: Household alarm clock.

pets of the month

Odin the Minature Dachshund

Odin is a chocolate-dappled coloured Dachshund, with multi coloured eyes. He loves being outdoors and greets you with the biggest doggy grin.

Favourite activities: Odin loves sunbaking and patrolling the backyard to make sure the pesky neighbourhood cats stay out. He also enjoys barking at ducks in the pond.

Favourite toy: His cherished stuffed kookaburra takes centre stage. While he adores pulling out its fluff, Odin’s playful antics add joy to each interaction with his beloved toy.

Favourite treat: Chicken.

Special talent: Odin’s ability lies in his knack for burrowing beneath any blanket. His dexterity goes beyond; he cleverly uses his teeth to lift and arrange the blanket into the perfect cocoon of comfort.

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