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Pets of the month


Meet our March pets of the month; Waldo, Blue and Patch.

Get to know all about their favourite activities, toys, treats and special talents below.

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Penelope the Bull Arab

Penelope is a four-year-old girl who never met a nap she didn’t like. However, she equally loves being outdoors whether it be running on the beach, sniffing every single tree, or chewing on a nice, juicy stick.

Favourite activities: Penelope enjoys sneaking into Mum and Dad’s room for a nap on their bed.

Favourite toy: Anything that makes noise, so she can be the centre of attention and show off all around the house.

Favourite treat: Penelope will literally do anything for peanut butter.

Special talent: Penelope can speak, whisper and give a killer high five.

Stella the Tortoiseshell Cross Cat

Stella is a stray that was found on the side of the road and welcomed into a loving family. She is sassy, loving and extremely unique. Most of the time, Stella acts like a human and thinks she runs the household.

Favourite activities: Stella loves her tunnel and does zoomies when she is in a playful mood.

Favourite toy: Her mouse toy which she licks and has conversations with.

Favourite treat: Stella loves her salmon treats and seafood sticks.

Special talent: Scooping up a biscuit with her paw.

Gia & Koa the German Shepherds

Gia is a black and tan German Shephard who just loves to make humans happy. Koa is beautiful and jumps around like a kangaroo. Together, they revel in rough-and-tumble play, inseparable companions bound by their mutual affection.

Favourite activities: Gia loves a ball and can’t live without squishy piggy. Koa loves annoying Gia and grabbing everything she is chewing. They often run around the yard with one toy between them.

Favourite toy: Anything they can chew on or share with each other.

Favourite treat: Gia and Koa both love cooked chicken hearts. They also love a Friday night cheese platter.

Special talent: Koa is a kangaroo reincarnated and can touch the top of the door. Gia, however, knows when you are sad and gives great cuddles.

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