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Pets of the month


Meet our December pets of the month; Butter Keith, Winnie, and Ollie.

Get to know all about their favourite activities, toys, treats and special talents below.

For the chance to have your furry friend featured next month, submit a photo and their information HERE.

Butter Keith the Corgi

Butter Keith is a two-year-old corgi who loves Belmont. He’s a social boy, who adores pats, humans and stealing people’s sandwiches.

Favourite activities: Sitting, sleeping, running then needing to sit, and laying on his back like he is in Bali on a retreat.

Favourite toy: Butter Keith loves the giant Pokémon toy his fur-parents won on a claw machine in Tokyo that’s four times as big as him.

Favourite treat: He lives for peanut butter on the licky mat.

Special talent: Giving extreme side eye
and judgement.

Winnie the Labradoodle

Winnie is a two-year-old Labradoodle who loves love. She’s recently become a TikTok star after a series of dates with our next-door neighbour’s dog, Chips. An unlikely love affair between a Staffy and a Labradoodle.

Favourite activities: Winnie enjoys drinking Puppuccinos, soccer and being the centre of attention.

Favourite toy: Her Tweety Bird toy. The only
thing left is the left ear, but she’s been carrying it around for almost nine months.

Favourite treat: Winnie loves potato. Chips? Yep. Mashed? Yep. Baked? Love.

Ollie the Golden Retriever

Ollie is a two-year-old Golden Retriever. When Ollie’s not busy protecting the yard from birds or being Chief Wellbeing Advisor at work, you’ll find him splashing in his pool, soaking up attention, or staring at you, smiling on his back with a ball always close by.

Favourite activities: Ollie’s favourite activities are swimming, chasing balls and playing hide and go seek.

Favourite toy: He loves his giant fox toy, compassionately known as Mr Fox.

Favourite treat: His favourite treats are bones, pigs’ ears and broccolini (specifically only the stalks).

Special talent: Being able to shed bucket loads of hair whilst still having plenty left.

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