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Pets of the month


Say hello to Daisy, Winnie and Monty; our October pets of the month. Get to know all about their favourite activities, toys, treats and special talents below.

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pets of the month

Daisy the Border Collie

Daisy is a sweet 8-month-old, chocolate tri-coloured border collie. She loves giving cuddles and playing with her big sister Poppy. Daisy recently started an ASMR series on her Instagram where she reviews dog treats!

Favourite activities: Daisy loves going to the beach and attending obedience club.

Favourite toy: Daisy loves her tug rope. It hangs from a rafter outside, and she has to jump up and grab it.

Favourite treat: Literally anything she can get her mouth around!

Special talent: Looking cute? She is an Instagram model after all.

pets of the month

Winnie the Miniature Dachshund x Toy Poodle

Winnie is a three-year-old country gal with a little heart of gold. A neighbourhood celeb who turns heads wherever she goes, Winnie is very friendly and believes the park is her personal fetchie paradise.

Favourite activities: Winnie is the ultimate tennis ball enthusiast and will play a game of fetch with anyone.

Favourite toy: Winnie loves anything that goes squeak. She will squeeze a squeaky toy until it drives you insane!

Favourite treat: From crunchy biscuits to cheesy human snacks, Winnie’s taste buds are always on an adventure.

Special talent: Winnie’s special talent shines at the park, where she’s the cutest, fastest tennis ball fetcher around.

pets of the month

Monty the Kelpie x Jack Russell x Corgi

Monty possesses the best qualities from the Kelpie, Jack Russell and Corgi breeds. He is an energetic bundle of joy with a hint of mischief!

Favourite activities: Monty’s favourite time of the day is hanging with his furry friends at the dog park. Barking at cyclists and digging holes in the backyard are also high on the list.

Favourite toy: His squeaky crocodile is a favourite right now. Chewing on it continuously so it can be always heard!

Favourite treat: Monty loves chicken.

Special talent: Monty is a master at chasing and catching his own tail!

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